5 Wellness Destinations To Add To Your Winter Bucket List


If you live in a colder climate, there are few things more rejuvenating than a winter getaway — especially if that place is several degrees warmer than home. And while indulging on vacation can be fun, if you can come back from your January or February getaway having moved a lot and consumed your fair share of vegetables, it’s even better.

That’s why we pulled together a list of the best warm weather wellness destinations to hit this winter. Enjoy that sunshine!

1. Tulum, Mexico

While venturing off to another country may seem like a feat, Tulum actually isn’t that far away, especially if you’re an East Coaster. Here’s what to do while you’re there:

Join a yoga retreat. Tulum is famous for its yoga retreats, so why not wait out winter in child’s pose while listening to the ocean? Find a good yoga retreat here.

Eat at one of Tulum’s many healthy  restaurants. One thing there is no shortage of in Tulum is healthy restaurants, so load up on veggies and protein at one (or all) of the city’s healthy restaurants. Here’s a great list.

Stay at Central Park. Not to be confused with New York’s Central Park, Central Park Resort & Spa in Tulum is not only centrally located with easy access to sightseeing, but has all the perks of a tucked away resort.

2. Los Angeles, California

L.A. was on the wellness train way before wellness was cool — and as people have started to prioritize their health more, L.A. has kept up in a big way. As a nice bonus, the temperatures are ideal all year round. Here’s what to do while you’re there:

Eat your way through the whole city. You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant in L.A. that isn’t healthy, but some great ones include Cafe Gratitude, Botanica, Honey Hi, Kismet, and Sqirl.

Go for a run on the beach. While there’s no shortage of workout and yoga classes all over L.A., when you’re starved for vitamin D, a long walk or run on one of L.A.’s beaches may be just what the doctor ordered. A hike in Runyon Canyon won’t hurt, either.

Stay in one of L.A.’s many trendy neighborhoods. While you can certainly book a hotel by the beach if that suits your fancy, you’ll get a better taste of L.A.’s culture if you stay in one of the city’s popular neighborhoods, like Silver Lake, Echo Park, or Culver City.

3. Marfa, Texas

Located in West Texas, Marfa is a desert city famous for being an arts hub. While it does get chilly in the winter (especially at night) it’s got a lot of sunshine and temperature in the high ‘50s during the day — and hey, that’s something. Perhaps the most famous Marfa landmark is the Prada store, but that’s only the beginning. Here’s what to do while you’re there:

Take advantage of the creative shelter options. Sure, you can stay at a hotel in Marfa — but it’s also got more outdoorsy options. Ever wanted to stay in a yurt, a teepee, a trailer, or a safari tent? Marfa’s got ‘em all.

Go on a hike. There’s quite a bit of hiking to be done in and around Marfa, so take advantage of it. Here are a few trails to check out.

Track down a healthy restaurant. Being “in the middle of nowhere” doesn’t exactly make Marfa one of the top culinary destinations of the United States, but there are healthy restaurants around! Here are a few.

4. Miami, Florida

Ah, Florida — the land of year-round hot weather! Miami is full of culture, and there’s quite a bit to do in the way of wellness. Here are a few options:

Practice free yoga on the beach. The great thing about beaches and warm weather is that yoga can be done outside — and often for free! Check out some free (or at least cheap) beach yoga options here.

Eat healthy. Like L.A., Miami is overflowing with healthy restaurants. Here are a few to try.

Stay at a beachside hotel. Miami has tons of hotels nestled along the beach, meaning you can walk straight out of your room and onto the beach. Try staying at the EDITION or the 1 Hotel.

5. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you can make it to Hawaii, Honolulu won’t let you down. A vibrant beach city, Honolulu is overflowing with things to do, especially if wellness is your thing:

Visit a farmer’s market. For fresh produce and other delicious food, visit one of the many farmers’ markets on the island of Oahu. Here are a few to check out.

Go for a hike. Hawaii is famous for its stunning views, but you have to get your heart pumping if you really want to make it happen. Some great options include Stairway to Heaven, Seven Falls Hike, and Diamond Head.

Eat an acai bowl. Before smoothies and smoothie bowls were popular on the mainland, acai bowls were all the rage in Hawaii. Here’s where you can get one in Honolulu.


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