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Celebrity stylists weigh in.

By Maya Allen, Marie Claire

Bangs grow back. I repeat: Bangs grow back. So, if you’ve been asking yourself—and everyone around you a million times—if you should cut bangs. The answer is yes. Still, it’s totally normal to wonder what bangs will look like with your hair texture. And, lucky you, you’ve come to the right place.

The truth is, bangs look good in every shape and style, but they look different on everyone. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, you won’t be able to predict exactly how you’ll look with them. The good thing is, personal growth comes with taking beauty risks. What better time than at the start of 2019 to debut a fresh crop of bangs?

I tapped the most talented celebrity hairstylists to share the best 2019 bang trends for every hair texture. Enjoy these pro tips and inspo pics for now. Then, stop stalling and make your next salon appointment.

The Best Bang Styles for Short Hair

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Just because you have short hair, celebrity stylist Ted Gibson doesn’t believe your bangs have to match. In fact, Gibson says the contrast of long bangs with short hair is a lewk. “The best bangs for short hair are a little longer and side swept to add texture and movement,” explains Gibson. “Longer bangs can look sexy and feel very modern on a short hairstyle.”

Meanwhile, Matrix celebrity stylist George Papaniklolas says short hair actually lends itself to endless options. “If your features are refined and delicate, the best option is cropped short or micro bangs, he says. Think: Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne. “For everyone else, a heavier swoop, like on Carey Mulligan and Kris Jenner, will be more flattering.”

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At the end of the day, bangs should match your style, whether your hair is short or not. “Whatever fits the overall vibe of the client will work best,” says Serge Normant stylist Amanda Scott. “Maybe she will look the most sexy with a sleek bob and serious blunt bangs hitting well above the eyebrow. Or, maybe she needs soft bardot bangs to balance out the harshness of a fierce cut.” Xavier Velasquez, who is also a stylist at Serge Normant, is a proponent of texture. “The ideal bangs for short hair is full fringe with piecey texture,” he says. “For the risk takers, baby bangs will frame their face but keep it playful and open around the eyes.”

The Best Bang Styles for Long Hair

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“Heavy, face-framing, Bridgette Bardot-inspired bangs blended with the rest of your locks are the most flattering for long hair, and can work with most straight to slightly wavy styles,” Papaniklolas says. “With a feathery, tapered shape, they can easily balance out any face shape.”

Speaking of face shapes, celebrity stylist Joseph Maine says they really come into play with long hair. “Long hair can carry all types of bangs,” Maine explains. “From blunt and thick to more of a curtain bang. But this is where face shape and styling capabilities play a big roll.” Talk to your stylist to get a good idea of which bang styles will flatter your gorgeous face the most.

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Don’t get too scissor-happy, though. Gibson cautions that long hair coupled with really short bangs can look like a costume wig. Yikes. Keeping your bangs a little longer works in your favor anyways. Longer bangs + long hair = low-key upkeep. Ideal. “I often advise a long, side swept bang for long hair,” Matrix celeb stylist Nick Stenson agrees. “This type of bang is a very low commitment and can be blended into the layers when you’re ready to change up your look. It can also be pulled back away from the face for an elegant evening look.”

The Best Bang Styles for Curly Hair

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The trick to nailing curly bangs is not cutting them as short as you think. Stenson says to leave your curly bangs an inch longer than your desired length. “The hair’s natural curl will make the bangs shrink and jump, so you’ll need to guard against them being too short,” Stenson warns. “Resist the desire to straighten your bangs—curly bangs are envied and on trend.”

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The other major key? Volume. “The bangs need to be cut further back and thick so that they blend with the hair and frame the face,” Papaniklolas recommends. “Otherwise, if they are too skinny, they disappear.”

The Best Bang Styles for Fine Hair

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Keeping your hair casual and effortless is the best way to go. Tousled, voluminous bangs add more dimension to your strands. “Be sure to use a good styling product to lift bangs at the roots and to enhance volume,” Stenson says. Also, be intentional about your cut. “Fine hair requires bangs to start further back on the head so that they have enough thickness,” Papaniklolas points out. “See-through bangs can make thin hair look thinner.”

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It all comes down to styling, like adding texture, to trick the eye and create the illusion of thicker hair. However, “make sure not to do a full bang—otherwise, it can look like your entire head is one bang,” Gibson warns.

The Best Bang Styles for Thick Hair

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“Blunt heavy bangs, like on Hannah Simone, work best ” says Papaniklolas. “The thicker the better, especially if your hair is straight. Wavy hair will require more upkeep to maintain the style.”

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Or, per Stenson’s recommendation, try a longer side-swept bang, like the above, which makes room for more styling options.


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