Experience Island Paradise at Hu’u Villas, Seminyak, Heart of Bali


Experience Island Paradise at Hu’u Villas, Seminyak, Heart of Bali

Bali has been voted one of the best destinations for a short getaway — a heaven on earth to kick back, unwind and still have all the city’s convenience at the palm of one’s hands. Men’s Folio was invited to Hu’u Villas at Seminyak, Bali for a weekend to experience the island’s charm and to find out what is making the world go back for more.   

The ride from the airport to Hu’u Villas at Seminyak was a relatively long one as the town was located at the center of Bali, and hunger started to kick in. The trip’s host, Justin Foo from Ask Media Communications, greeted us at the entrance of the villa and ushered us next door to Sea Vu Play after ropping our bags at the reception. The nautical theme Seminyak restaurant was inspired by maritime traditions, pirate folklore and tales of the sea. More than just thematic, Sea Vu Play oddly makes one feel like they are home after travelling the sea for months. Although the place might seem superficially light-hearted, they take food and beverages served from their menu very seriously. Fed salads and soups, fish and chips, roast chicken and pizzas; the food was more than just satisfying, it really satiated the palate for a hearty taste. As the skies turned darker, we retired to our villas to rest up for the next day.

This article was written by Sapphire Chin. Read the full story at www.mens-folio.com here.


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