How To Lose Weight Without Hunger


How To Lose Weight Without Hunger – For those who go on a diet to lose weight, restricting food intake become imperative. Even hunger and fasting they have done. Actually it does not need to be done, even things that, if done in a way that is not true can cause a variety of diseases caused by unbalanced nutrition. Learn the basic concept of the diet in “Fundamentals of Weight Loss” diet actually can be done does not have to starve ria. 3 Run the following ways:

Restricting the number of calories consumed
Restricting the number of calories in can speed up the process of weight loss. For that you have to know the form of the number of calories you need. To find it you can use a BMR calculator tool that views of the age, weight and height. How many calories do you need demonstrated by the tool. Reduce the amount of calories taste of the amount of calories you need, not too much, because it would cause health problems.

Changing the macronutrient
Now you already know the basic principles of weight loss. Next thing you run is that you change the macronutrient consumption. Calories from carbohydrates obesity has the potential to change the calories by consuming calories derived from proteins with curry records of carbohydrates is not less than 200 calories. Because if it is less than it would cause problems kesehatan.Bertambahnya consumption of protein is converted into muscle, of course, if balanced with regular exercise. Do not consume a source of protein that contain saturated fat.

Exercise three times a week
Sport is also an important part of a weight loss program, do at least 3 times a week. Bus you do it yourself or you can join a gymnastics program and other sports events. Regular exercise can trigger positive hormonal changes and also trigger fat burning.

The type of exercise that you can lalukan with strenuous exercise by running 10 seconds 7X with one minute breaks. Do it at least once a week. And do also take a walk every day for 30-40 minutes.

If you do it regularly you desire to lose weight will be achieved. You no longer need an extreme diet can spend a lot of energy and harmful to health.


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