Tips and How to Dress Natural Beauty


Tips and How to Dress Natural Beauty – All people, especially the women want to look beautiful and attractive. One of the ways that women are often made ​​to dress up or preen. Even for those particular dress has become a must do before traveling or doing activities. But in reality there is only a dress but instead looks natural and does not look overdone or menor. Instead of becoming more beautiful and attractive, can actually reduce the existing beauty in themselves. So you should never carelessly in a dress.

There are some tips that can be done in a dress so that the face will look naturally beautiful and natural, which is as follows.
Tips and How to Dress Natural Beauty
Tips and How to Dress Natural Beauty
1 Dress with Powder in a dress is the main device, the function is to maintain the powder makeup, brighten or whiten skin, and prevent oily face. Powder will absorb the oil and make the face appear smoother and be natural. But before select brands of powder that has reliable quality and certainly fits with your skin.

2. Beautify the lips using lipstick. Previously it helps give shape to the lips using a lip pencil. Lip pencil can be applied to make the lips appear balanced. If you are already using lipstick on lips, lipstick adjust the color and brightness according to the activities or events that will be done.

3. embellished eyebrows Naturally, – Shaping eyebrows will be showing the character’s face. Of course natural impression must be stressed, for example by using an eyebrow pencil that has the same color with the brow. Do not forget to always keep the sharp brow pencil strokes so that the results look natural.

4 Dress up using the Eyeliner Use eyeliner will show the effects of large eyes and teentu interesting. Use eyeliner around the eyes are the eyes and do not be too thick to maintain natural to late.

5 Tips on How to Dress Natural:
bath diligent, especially before doing the daily routine. If you do not shower, it will feel uncomfortable even though we had to dress up.
Spraying perfume or deodorant use in some parts of the body, so your body will be fragrant and it certainly can add to your confidence.
Dress up in the air is the true meaning of make up, choose a make-up or cosmetic equipment with good quality and in accordance with your skin

But wearing makeup is not as easy as imagined, must be accompanied by techniques to how to make up evenly and face become increasingly attractive. If you do not already know how to use make-up right, here I will apply makeup how to wear:

First thing to do is to clean the face. Rinse with water or more is recommended to use a cleansing milk and toner. Furthermore, you can wear a face serum. Serves as a face serum vitamin facial, facial retain moisture and skin structure. Use of serum 2 times a week or at any time when the need to use a facial serum, such as during hot weather resulting in dry skin and dull. Next use a facial moisturizer that contains SPF which serves to ward off the face of the sun directly.

The next step you can use foundation. There are several types of foundation. Adjust your facial foundation based on characteristics such as skin color or skin type you have.
After using foundation, then use the powder, there are 2 kinds of talc powder (Loose Powder) and a solid powder (Pressed Powder). Powder is typically used for oily skin but there is no harm in using a more perfect powder first and washed with compact powder for a more equitable outcome.

Furthermore, you can also use a shadow or blush on that function to provide hue on cheeks, how to use it is able to use a blush brush on the cheeks are round and head over to your cheekbones.

Furthermore, to reinforce the shape of the eyebrows, you can use an eyebrow pencil, pencil scratched way to the eyebrows on the edge, using instinct to be the same eyebrows.

The next part is the eyelashes, to beautify eyelashes shape or path, you can use mascara.

Use eyeshadow to add a distinctive look, the selection of eyeshadow colors can be customized with the color of your clothing or can with some color application. To choose a natural impression pastel colors for daytime is for the nighttime appearance of color selection can be more emphasized color which of course is still adjusting to the dress that you wear.

The use of eyeliner will make you look more attractive, especially in the eye area, because it serves to reinforce the eyeliner eye rays.

For the latter use makeup finishing, use all over your face and eyes.
Lipstick, choose a matching color or suit your taste or adjust to events you will attend, because the lipstick has a wide range of colors.

So little Tips and How to Dress Natural Beauty. May be useful for you, appear more confident, dynamic and perfect impression of yourself and Good Luck to you.


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